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Here is our blog! :) I like to write new entries and tell you what is going on with the site! Moderators can also post entries here!
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Had Some Problems With My Internet

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on January 18, 2012 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (2)

Hey guys/girls & members. ^^
The last two weeks have been terrible a bit.
My internet didn't work for some reason all the time...
Now the problem is solved and I'm back.

My new project is to get all 30 medals in the campaign mode
of RP. I once heard that there's a special surprise you get
when you have all of them.

-- See ya!

Happy Birthday To The Site!!

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on January 1, 2012 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (7)

It's the 01.01.2012.
Celebration time!!

On new years day 2010, me and JM started
our Railroad Pioneer fansite,
after mailing each other on YouTube.

We quiet spent some time editing and
updating the site since then.
Although I weren't active all the time,
JM and Basss always did a great job as
moderators and I'm glad they're still
supporting the site.

Another thing that turned out pretty great
is the amount of members (69 at the moment)
and the response from visitors (2767 Klicks).

There are also some sad news...
the official website of Railroad Pioneer
was taken down a few weeks ago
because the publisher JoWood is going out of buisness
as the firm was bought by another company
after financial problems.
The sites are getting updated
and hopefully the Railroad Pioneer website
will also return.

I hope our site is still online in another 2 years,
as well as some members,
even if we'll not find that much time
to play RP.

Well, that's it for now...
See ya...

--Simon, aka Railroad Pioneer

2nd Anniversary on 01.01.2012

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on August 29, 2011 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (1)

I'm not that active at the moment.
But I'll give you a little promise.
On January the 1st of 2012 the fansite
exists for already 2 years!
I'll think of a special event to celebrate that.
But I'm not sure how that's gonna look like at the moment.

--See ya!

Back At The Site

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on August 8, 2011 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (1)

I made a little break for 1 or 2 months now.
Just visited the site again & wanted to share that I might get more active
the next couple of months.
A big thanks also to the moderators of the fansite
JM & Basss!
Both are still active users after more than 18 months.
I can promise we'll have a special event
or change of the site on the 2nd birthday of it :)
That's January the 1st in 2012.


Posted by Railroad Pioneer on June 14, 2011 at 5:34 PM Comments comments (3)

Today I'm proudly anouncing version 1.2 of the site! :)
It's been a while since I changed anything, but V.1.2 is a little patch
that improves quite some things, especially for the members that waited
a long time for new stuff.

1. First thing is the new colour of the whole template.
The template stays the same, but I thought brown fits better to the theme
of the fansite and of course the wild-west look of Railroad Pioneer.

2. Then we also have a new banner with a different screenshot.

3. The navigation bar now has a new font.
The font is called "Balthazar" by the way! ;)
I used it for a couple of artworks before and it looked great
in the nav bar.

4. The sidebar now also has a new category for important
and short news. If you want to stay updated about the site you
can simply read them.

5. Because of spam and advertisements for some medical products
in the forum, unregistered members from now on only have access
to the off-topic forum.
All other forums can only be used by registered members.

6. Because of spam in the comment section of the photo gallery,
the downloadlinks for pictures are disabled for a few weeks.

Just tell me what you think about this changes in a comment below
or write a message to me.

>> Railroad Pioneer


Posted by Railroad Pioneer on May 21, 2011 at 9:01 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey guys,
I'm sorry for being busy about one year now =D
I just visited the site again and it's awesome to see we already have 35 members!
I know there are some hardcore fans that joined the site
so I'm deffinetly going to add some new stuff and maybe change some things
the next weeks and months!

It's amazing that a game like Railroad Pioneer still has alot of fans
even though it was released in 2003 and we now have 2011.
It's actually sad there's no second part of this game and there's not much
chance another part will be released.

Well, I hope we'll meet soon here on our fansite! ;)

The Final Result Of The Site Survey

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on November 22, 2010 at 1:37 PM Comments comments (0)
Hey out there!! :)
I'm back again!
Was gone for about 3 months... Had been really busy but now I'll go on
running the site as good as I can! ;)

Well, you all have been waiting for the result of the site survey
and now it's finally the time to present it to you:

[Part 1:

1. How is the site running? / Does it load fast and good?

4.5 Stars (5 Votes)

2. How do you like the design of the site? (Banners, the whole style of it, etc.)

4 Stars (4 Votes)

3. What about the navigation? Can you always find what you look for? / Is the site clearly?

4 Stars (5 Votes)

4. Can you understand everything on the site?

4.5 Stars (5 Votes)

Overall: 4.25 Stars (19 Votes) ]

[Part 2:

5. Would you like to have the sidebar on every page or just on the home page of the site?

Just On The Homepage: 50% (2 Votes)
No opinion about that: 50% (2 Votes)

6. Do you like the sounds from RP you can hear in the background

when you view pictures as a slideshow?

They are awesome: 50% (2 Votes)
You should add other sounds: 25% (1 Vote)
They are ok: 25% (1 Vote)

7. Do you like the new banner on top of the site?

The banner is cool: 50% (2 Votes)
You should add another screenshot to it: 50% (2 Votes)

8. Does the site contain the things you want to see on a fansite about a computer game?

Yes, there's everything a good fansite needs to have:
75% (3 Votes)

There are some other things I would like to see on it:
25% (1 Vote)

Overall: 16 Votes

Survey page fixed!

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on May 21, 2010 at 5:03 PM Comments comments (1)
Sorry again! There was a problem with the voting on page 1 of the site survey.
There were some settings that only allowed members of webs.com to vote. Users of railroadpioneer.webs.com couldn't vote. But now i saw this problem with the settings and I could fix it within 5 minutes! :) Thanks to Basss for reporting this error.
I checked out everything on the 2 survey pages and now everything should work! :wink:

If you are a member and you didn't take part in the survey already, you should check out the post under this one.

The Survey page is now online!

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on May 15, 2010 at 8:56 AM Comments comments (3)
I'm sorry you guys! I'm really busy with school and everything and I'm involved in so much projects. I can hardly play RP till my summer holidays I think.
I'll try to add some new stuff for you to the site the next 3 weeks!
But it's gonna be a bit difficult. I'm going to work on a documentary about a local chat in my region! The makers of this chat site are really silly. They don't protect their users and there are several things that are clearly wrong with this site and I want to tell the people in our region what's really going on with this site! I'm going to release it in my summer holidays and it will be in German. Since I watched a few documentarys that want to find out the truth about 9/11 and things like where our data is saved I also want to show the people what the truth is about this chat! I hope you don't mind to much that I can't be online as much as before!

The survey about Version 1.1 is now online! I'm going to let it open for 2 weeks now, instead of only one week, because I opened it too late. Every member of the site can now take part in the survey with clicking on: "V.1.1 Survey Part 1" in the navigation above! :)
Maybe your password is required to take part in the survey! I only want you members of the site to take part in the survey. So that's why the page is password protected! :wink:
Don't forget to fill out part 2 as well! At the end of part 1, you'll get the link for part 2! :)

That's all important news for today! See you later here in the blog!

NEW BLOG ENTRY ^^ V1.1 Test starts!

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on May 1, 2010 at 7:06 PM Comments comments (1)
Hey to all of you!
I know I wasn't online about a week or so! I'm sorry! We wrote a lot of tests the last 2 weeks.

Today [The 1st of May 2010] I officialy start the test about Version 1.1 of the site! I know that just 2 guys have entered, but I'll send out a message to all of the users again, because I really want to see how you like the site and how it is now.
This week, I'll give you time to test the site. Just look out for bugs, the things you really do like or don't like on the site, maybe if I made spelling mistakes (Because I'm from Germany ^^) and so on! I want to make sure that everything on the site works and you like it! After this week, I'll open the Survey page for all of the members. It contains a voting and some questions you'll have to answer. This page will be open for 1 week, too. So the testing period will last 2 weeks. I'm not going to stop adding things to the site during the testing period! If there's an important change, I'll let you know, so you can test it out, too! =)

On the 8th of May, I'll open the survey page.
On the 16th of May, I'll close it and the test will end.

I would like you to look especially at the things I added to Version 1.1!
>>Here you can reread those changes and new things<<

I hope you'll enjoy this 2 week period of testing the site and as a little present, I'll bring out the first expense of the Railroad Times in one week! :wink:

--Railroad Pioneer

Version 1.1 - Official Release

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on April 15, 2010 at 3:17 PM Comments comments (0)
Sorry that I had no time to make a new post here.
The last 4 days I was busy because of school and we wrote a test in maths :dry:
and Today we made an excursion with our class.

Now, let's talk about the important things! :)
The last weekend I finally updated the "beta version" (as I call it) of the site and released the official Version 1.1 of it. Some pages of the site weren't visible for all visitors because I updated them and I wanted to be V1.1 a little surprise for the members! :wink:
On Sunday, the 11th of April 2010 I made this pages visible again and published the whole site.
Now you're asking what's exactly new on this new version!

Here's a list of changes and imrpovements:

- A new banner at the right top of the site
- Special banners for 6 pages of the site
- Some text changes
- A little change of the sidebar
- The News page
- Background sounds for slideshows on the Photos & Screenshots page

Actually V1.1 has a whole new design with special artwork on nearly every page! :)
V1.1 doesn't mean I'm going to stop editing the site! There's always something you can change or improve on it...

This was just a general view on the new V1.1
I posted something in the forum as well.
This topic shows you more details of the new version.
>Click here for the post in the forum<

Thanks for reading and bye for now,
Railroad Pioneer

Announcing Version 1.1

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on March 3, 2010 at 9:08 AM Comments comments (4)
The site is now online about 3 months.
I already added little stuff to it and made some artworks in this period.
The banner shows that the site is still under construction,
but don't worry! This month, when I'll have finished some other artworks
and updates on the site, I'll release the official version 1.1 of the site! :)
The site is now still kinda a beta version. But I'll do my best to make a great bunch of artworks and of course I'll integrate a new page to the site! ; )
Should I tell you what this new site will contain? ^^
Well, if you would like to know this secret, you can ask for it
in the comments below! =) But I think it's also a cool thing
to give you a little surprise due to the new version! :cool:

Another page I'm working on is a page with nearly every information from RP.
That's useful for people who don't know how to play the game yet.
You will find informations about the search party, the locomotives and the waggons in the game and how to use this things. This page will take a lot of work to do. So I'm planing to bring this page out in my summer holidays. You know, I'm a pupil at a grammar school and I want to improve my marks in school a bit! :tongue: It takes a long time to make screenshots of every locomotive and every building and then write down informations to this things! :wink:
But I think this page will be useful for everyone who played RP once.

Well, I actually wrote a long entry today ^^
Thanks for listening and bye for now.
-- Railroad Pioneer aka Sorynex

Back from work ^^

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on February 12, 2010 at 1:04 PM Comments comments (0)
Hey! Today I had the last day of my work placement/internship!
I really liked it! =) It was cool to work in the touristic office of our county for a week! ;)
And the people there are very nice and friendly!
Now I have got holidays for a week! :)
Sorry that I couldn't make anythinf for the site the last 4 or 5 days!
In a few days, I will complete version 1.1 of the site!
After that, the beta process is over! ;)
I will post all new things in a post in the forums!

Well, bye! :)

New Design 2

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on January 30, 2010 at 8:14 PM Comments comments (0)
Hello to all viewers! ;)
I know it actually takes a lot of time till I have finished the new version of the site! ^^ I had to work for school this week, but after the next week (that will have no more difficult exams) I'll start a work placement/internship for one week and after that I'll have holidays for one week! =) So I can take care of the site and update a lot on it! ;)
The version now is like a beta! ;) Tomorrow I'll finish the banner for the site and I'll look what else I can do for the site in terms of pages, images etc! Then we'll have the official Version 1.0 of the site! :)
Well, good night to all of you!
Bye! :cool:

New Design

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on January 22, 2010 at 7:42 PM Comments comments (0)
That's right! The new design is going to be up tomorrow! :)
Unfortuanetly I haven't got time to make more stuff for the site at the moment!
I'm really busy with school nowadays!
It would be great, if some other fan of Railroad Pioneer would join us! ^^
Well, thanks for reading! ;) Bye!