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10 years of Railroad Pioneer in 2013!

Posted by Railroad Pioneer on July 19, 2013 at 6:05 PM

Hi to all loyal fans out there!
The last entry I made here is almost 1 year old by now.
The reason for that long break is a truly stressful year
I had to handle. But the good news is that I'm now
finally finished with school after 12 years.

I haven't forgot about the site and all the people
that were or are still involved in helping me with
this project. Since the official website of the game
may never return, we became the most valuable
site that is dedicated to this PC game in the past
3,5 years. I'm still checking the site regularly
and sometimes I'm surprised how much fans
are still out there. It is a real shame we may
never be able to play a sequel.

I'd also want to thank members of the RP
production team for their kind comments
on our site. They wer also pretty surprised
to see a fansite growing even after 2010. ^^

Now that we are in the middle of 2013 you
don't need to fear we'll stop working on this
successful fan project. New ideas are in the
works to get published towards the end of
the year when Railroad Pioneer reaches its
10th birthday. Of course we gotta celebrate
that a little with special new features.

See y'all for the next exiting news.

--Simon aka
Railroad Pioneer

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Reply jm764
1:07 PM on September 19, 2013 
It's a wonderful game and I wish there were more games like this.

Tycoon games (especially when based around transportation) have taken a bit of a hiatus for the past 9 - 10 years minus fan remakes of Transport TYcoon Deluxe and there hasn't been to many new tycoons by any companies in awhile.

I remember playing games like Railroad Tycoon 3 and Railroad Pioneer almost religiously every day back in 2001 - 2006. It was fun.

Then there was... silence.

No new rail based tycoon based games for years... now yes there were some released, but they lacked originality or geared towards all modes of transit as opposed to a single mode of transportation..

Then I went back to the games mentioned above and out of all of them RP was one of the best. Yes it had ALOT of bugs and some of which made it unplayable at times, but when it was working well, it was one of the most fun games I had of it's genre.

I wish I knew game programing well enough to make a "unofficial expansion pack" or even a fan made sequel. I am studying to be a game designer though.

I did find a modern take on the rail tycoon genre. It looks pretty good too.
It's called "Train Fever".
Reply Niko B
4:38 AM on September 2, 2013 
It is a great game - even by todays standards. RR Pioneer had the ground crews that had to search out and survey the lay of the land and deal with outlaws and other threats to the rail Road. In my game there is a fault of the date advancing forward rapidly from the second campaign mission, (I've tried uninstall and re-installs).

Time is advancing from 1836 to the year 7710 is the quickest time I can stop it. Obviously, this makes the mission timeline deadlines obsolete and the game unplayable.

I wondered if anyone else had this same issue and if there was a fix or update? Perhaps, also, that is why Andreas T. (The game creator) and the original company went into liquidation as a company?

Niko B. (A real Carbon Copy of my former self).