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Posted by Railroad Pioneer on January 11, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Hello there all fans, members and supporters!

We now reached the time that we can say:

Yeah, it's true! This game was released over
a decade ago. I myself cannot really believe
how fast time is running, especially after
having alot of detailed mem
ories about how
I heard about the game from a friend, how
I recieved it and how I played it until I finished
the campaign mode. I got the game in 2006,
when I attended 5th grade in school and I can
hardly believe this happened almost 8 years ago.
Not only that it was fun to play when you knew
how to, but it also told me alot about the history
of the wild wild west and the evolution of railroads.
Without them we would probably look pretty poor
these days.

It is certain that the game was released
on the 17th of October 2003 in Germany.
So, as I write this entry the game's release dates
back exactly 3739 days OR 534 weeks & a day.
Although, for example in the US and other
countries, the release was settled later for 2004.

But not only the game is getting a bit "older",
also our fansite started over 4 years ago
on the 1st of January 2010. Therefore I
planned some new u
pdates. As you see
I still come here regularly and check what
we can improve or change inorder to make
the site as informative and useful as possible.

In all those years technology has also changed.
I incorporated a little update for all users that
want to visit the site on the go with their mobile
devices such as smartphones or tablets. It is now
possible to visit our site in a better looking downgraded
mobile version for lower internet connections by ensuring
that our typica
l features such as the Forums or the Blog
are included as well. As long as  you got a good internet
connection with your mobile machine you can also
still enjoy the  site in full effect (normal desktop version)
without the cause of too long loading times.

Overall I am very happy to see loads of fans
from around the globe visit the site and share
their knowledge and experience towards the game.
We still got some updates & ideas we want to realize
for this 10th anniversary year and remember
to share some of your best memories regarding
the game in any way (just like I did) with a
comment on this entry.

See y'all,
--Simon aka Railroad Pionner

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1 Comment

Reply jm764
1:33 AM on January 12, 2014 
Oh the memories of playing this on my (then my mom's) laptop for hours everyday...
My fondest memories is of actually playing through the entire game till the last mission and trying to find everything I could in the game to exploit! :D

Sadly my save file stopped working on the last mission and I lost all my progress, but it was fun and I'm gonna try to finish it again while I study it for things to enhance/fix in the fan expansion! :D